Nick Pack wrote:
I’ve built a template/associated code for generating an RSS feed from a recordset, im having some trouble with the link attribute and I wondered if anyone could shed some light on a workaround.

In my template I have tried both:

<link><span tal:content="article/articlelink" tal:omit-tag=""></span></link <>>

<link tal:content="article/articlelink"></link <>>

Both methods result in the following output after the template is parsed (The dataset definitely contains article/articelink as the same function is used with a different template for xhtml output):


Hello Nick,

PHPTAL is by default configured to output XHTML and try to clean up empty elements like LINK.

To modify this behaviour, You just have to add


before executing your template and PHPTAL will treat it as a regular XML document and won't modify your elements.

Best regards,
Laurent Bedubourg

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