I have a slightly related question. PHPTAL does not support HTML
output and it is sometimes needed. I do not like outputting xhtml with
html's content-type header to pretend it is html, so here is my
question: what is the best method for converting phptal's output to
plain html?
Currently I'm using simple str_replaces, I also tried DOM but I
couldn't find how to configure it to handle utf8 encoding properly. Or
maybe should I modify the engine itself?

On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 10:37 AM, Laurent Bedubourg
>  PHPTAL is by default configured to output XHTML and try to clean up
>  empty elements like LINK.
>  To modify this behaviour, You just have to add
>  $tpl->setOutputMode(PHPTAL::XML);
>  before executing your template and PHPTAL will treat it as a regular XML
>  document and won't modify your elements.

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