Thanks for this project, this seems very interesting.

I'm trying to adapt my framework to uses your templates engine with my
translations text system.

But I have some problems to adapt it like I want to uses it.

Some translations have arguments, and so the syntax I want to have is
this one :

<span i18n:translate="welcome $user/name $nbNewMessages">Welcome John
Doe, you have 3 messages !</span>

'welcome' is the key of my translations hashtable.
$user/name is the 1st argument required for this translation
$nbNewMessage is the 2nd argument required for this translation.

But the translate($key) function receive only one argument.
There is a way to permit to receive others arguments ?

Another question, is it possible to retrieve the current sample texte
found in the template (Welcome John Doe ... ) ?
This will be very helpful in my case.

And a last question, how can we translate an attribute ?
For example I want to translate 'Send' : <submit name="submit"
value="Send" />

Thanks a lots for your help !
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