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> On Wed, 23 Apr 2008 08:28:30 +0100, Guillaume Lecanu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  
> wrote:
> > When I try to check my template page in W3C validator, this report some
> > errors because of xmlns like metal, tal and i18n.
> >
> > There is surely a xmlns:metal, xmlns:tal & xmlns:i18n attributes to put
> > in the <html> tag but I don't find the good URL of the DTD.
> >
> > Can you give me the correct URL of DTD's ?
> For PHPTAL these prefixes are "magic" and you don't have to declare them  
> in templates, so unless you're using other XML tools on template files,  
> don't put xmlns:tal, etc. at all.

Yes, I know there is a difference between the templates (with the tal
attributes) and the generated 
output (without tal attributes).

The output will be XHTML valid, I know.

But, when I make a XHTML page, I'm using the W3 validator a lots of time
to check my new additions
of XHTML.  So, if there is the PHPTAL attributes, the validator will
show me a lots of errors, and it's 
more complicated to see my own XHTML error... 
Do you see what I mean ?
But there doesn't seems to have any tricks to skip theses errors... 

> If you want to have declarations and keep W3C Validator happy, the DTD for  
> it would look something like this:
>     "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
>     "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd";>
> %XHTML10Strict;
> <!ATTLIST html
>    xmlns:tal       %URI;          #FIXED  
> 'http://xml.zope.org/namespaces/tal'
>    xmlns:metal     %URI;          #FIXED  
> 'http://xml.zope.org/namespaces/metal'
>    xmlns:i18n      %URI;          #FIXED  
> 'http://xml.zope.org/namespaces/i18n'
>    >

Humm you mean I could adapt the xhtml1-strict.dtd to accepts theses
xmlns, and 
to change the DTD url of the DOCTYPE ?
It's a good idea if it's possible to replace the DOCTYPE by the good one
when the page
is generated ?

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