Le mercredi 30 avril 2008 à 15:54 -0500, romtek a écrit :

> Yeah, basic web page with some SQL requests.
> I am using PHTAL 1.1.8.
> Size of template: 9.5 KB for main template that calls one macro from a
> macro file that is 104 KB.
> I wouldn't say that arrays I pass to PHPTAL are large. The project is
> still in development stage, and I use fake data in a database (SQLite
> DB -- PDO driver, by the way). So, there are just several records with
> several attributes. What would be too large for PHPTAL, by the way?
> Roman

It's strange, may be you could try to put some memory_get_usage() to see
exactly how many memory you have consumed.
For example, at the first line of your script, just before the
$tpl->execute() and just after.
Increase your memory_limit to 16M in your php.ini to make this test.

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