On 5/1/08, Guillaume Lecanu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Le mercredi 30 avril 2008 à 15:54 -0500, romtek a écrit :
> Yeah, basic web page with some SQL requests.
> I am using PHTAL 1.1.8.
> Size of template: 9.5 KB for main template that calls one macro from a
> macro file that is 104 KB.
> I wouldn't say that arrays I pass to PHPTAL are large. The project is
> still in development stage, and I use fake data in a database (SQLite DB --
> PDO driver, by the way). So, there are just several records with several
> attributes. What would be too large for PHPTAL, by the way?
> Roman
> It's strange, may be you could try to put some memory_get_usage() to see
> exactly how many memory you have consumed.
> For example, at the first line of your script, just before the
> $tpl->execute() and just after.
> Increase your memory_limit to 16M in your php.ini to make this test.

Memory usage before executing the template is about 1 MB, and
after -- slightly above 2 MB.

I've noticed that when I got this error message on my laptop, it was mostly
when it had only 1 GB RAM (2 GB now), and the
laptop was under stress. I can't tell what happens on the production
server as it's a shared hosting server. But whatever it is, the error
is disturbing.

I wonder if it would happen no matter what I use: PHPTAL or plain PHP.

But since refreshing always helps, is there anything that can be done in
PHPTAL to deal with this kind of situation gracefully? At the very least,
I'd like to see a log file (with data NOT overwritten by subsequent
executions) with detailed information about the environment
when the problem happened.

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