Kornel Lesinski wrote:
On Thu, 08 May 2008 15:46:42 +0100, Brice Burgess <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

From the responses received thus far; it looks like PHPTAL does depend on a user-configured writable directory to compile its templates to?

By default it uses PHP's sys_get_temp_dir() to get writeable directory and if that fails, falls back to standard temp paths (supports Windows). User doesn't have to configure anything. It should just work on any sane setup. The option is there only for insane setups ;)

You can catch (IMHO very rare) case when server doesn't have writeable temp dir:

if (!is_dir($phptal->getPhpCodeDestination()) || !is_writeable($phptal->getPhpCodeDestination()))
// display setup instructions and/or change configuration with $phptal->setPhpCodeDestination()

Alright. Good to hear that PHPTAL takes advantage of PHP's temp/session directory by default. I had a feeling it may.

Thanks also for your compile dir write failure detection case!

Now commences the uphill quest of raising the bar to PHP 5 && dropping smarty. ;) We'll see who wins.

~ Brice

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