Hi, everybody.

I'm wondering if anybody's created or thought about a system for
documenting the PHPTAL templates themselves. It seems to me that, for a
project of any size, it would be ideal if each template could be
processed by a documentation engine that tells the developers which
variables/objects/arrays need to be passed into the template and how
they're used.

For example, if my template designer creates something like
tal:repeat="option options", my php developer would see a corresponding
line in the documentation saying that the variable 'options' needs to be
set, and it needs to implement the iterable interface...

I though maybe it could be achieved by hacking together some custom
objects to use in place of the standard PHPTAL_Php_CodeGenerator and
PHPTAL_Php_CodeWriter to generate documentation instead of compiled
template files.

After getting into the code, though, it looks like a bigger project than
I'd thought. So, I was wondering if anybody on the list has done
something like this, or has better ideas for communicating and
documenting the templates' functions.

Thanks for any advice you can give,


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