I love PHPTAL, and the self documentation thread going on is a very
interesting idea.  The requirement that brought up self-documentation
seems like a development environment issue though,  The development
environment issue seems odd to me because I would think that the core
variables needed would be made available by Development.  If Design
needs some variables that Devel needs to know about then a simple
intermediate layer would let Design do their own
$template_obj->set('thevar', thevalue);  But if the code is nicely
segmented then some designated member of Design should be able to add
to the PHP code that is loading the template directly (ideally, anyone
on Design if the code is locked down and versioned).

I'm not poo-poo'ing the self-documentation idea, I'm just sick of
Smarty and I know PHPTAL can become the de facto PHP standard if
development of PHPTAL, in the short term, were geared more towards
marketing bullet points that can be proudly displayed on a big, pretty
banner on a web page.  So I'd like to see some awesome effort (yes,
I'm talking to myself as well) towards things like memcached
integration, Eclipse/editor plugins, get reeeeally slick with the
trigger and format systems, and even a geeky effort to do an extended
promotional push (yes, I'm mentioning a "project" that doesn't
necessarily involve coding) because, admit it, PHPTAL was "there" at
1.18 so it's ready to get a little promotion and that means people
coordinating a push.

I'm seeing PHPTAL at a tipping point.  I wasn't able to get PHPTAL
into many environments in the last couple years because big, fat, ugly
Smarty was sitting in the templates directories already.  PHPTAL has
awesome core features, is better than "fast enough", and has a great
lookin' future so it's not hard to pitch it when I can get a chance to
list off the coolness of it.  I, and others, will get more of a chance
to pitch it if there were just a few more......I hate to say this
but......enterprise features that make it more known about to higher
level Development leads.  It's true though.


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>> With something like this the comment won't show up
>> <tal:comment tal:replace="null"><!--
>>   Comment: Here is a comment which won't show up in the generated HTML
>> --></tal:comment>
> any element can have tal:comment attribute.
> <li tal:comment="won't be in HTML" />
> and it's possible to register your own attribute or namespace in PHPTAL,
> so you could have
> <li my:documentation="..." />
> --
> regards, Kornel
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