Thank you very much Ivan!, so, then, I have an other question... The files 
created are finite or infinite??? 
I've seen, for example, that one of my forms create 13 files (one for each tag 
<div metal:use-macro="..."> I have in the form) and not anymore but I'm not 
shure about this point. Am I right? Does PHPTAL create an specific number of 
files and not anymore???


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I don't think that is possible without seriously hacking a solution.PHPTAL 
works by generating a PHP file from the template, this file isthen 'included', 
parsed and executed by PHP itself.So to avoid the creation of those file, the 
output of PHPTAL should bekept in a variable and then call eval() with 
it.Another option is to create a custom stream wrapper for PHP(in-memory, SQL, 
...) and then modify PHPTAL to use the new wrapper.Both options will severely 
hurt PHPTAL's performance, much more if youhave a bytecode cache in place (APC, 
eAccelerator...).IvanOn Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 3:18 PM, Alejandro Giardino<[EMAIL 
PROTECTED]> wrote:> Hello,> I'm using PHPTAL with some forms in a web site. 
PHPTAL is writing files in> /tmp as a usual behavior, but I would need to avoid 
the files creation>> I've red the manual and some mailing list archive and I've 
tried with> 'PHPTAL_FORCE_REPARSE' but I couldn't avoid the creation of the 
files.>> So... is there any way to avoid the PHPTAL intermediate file 
creation??>> Regards> Alejandro>> Alejandro Giardino>> 
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