i thought i might share my ideas on a "special" cache, that will be refreshed 
when a special event
is triggered. That way you could keep the latest news on your website in cache 
until they have been

The basic idea is that you'll add some __id__ to each cache-area and keep this 
cache forever.
The user can decide himself when to refresh using a static function like 
This function will simply clean up all cache-files matching this pattern.

Nevertheless i didn't had that good of an idea, so i - bad part - extended that 
phptal-namespace with
some attribute called phptal:refresh. See the following example.
<b phptal:refresh="keyword" tal:content="php:time()">cache this until certain 
event will remove cache
file, so data in cache will have to be renewed</b>

This example will output something like the following:

The data "12983128312" will be produced only once an then kept till 
PHPTAL:refresh("news_120") OR
PHPTAL:refresh("news") is called.

Are there ideas on this subject out there? Or existing workarounds for this 
kind of caching?

Awaiting you feedbacks. Thanks


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