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I have question about syntax iterable objects. Here is code:

<div id="MText" tal:condition="php: language == 'cz'" tal:repeat="item
itemsList" tal:content="item/poznamka">foo value</div>

Well, I want to format value "item/poznamka" by PHP standard function, so
when item is object I can use "php: item.getPoznamka()" but when is ItemList is array?

It doesn't matter what type of itemsList is, only type of the item variable matters.

Code: tal="php: nl2br(item/poznamka)" is not working. Maybe is it in manual but I cant find it. Thanks a lot.

when you use php: modifier, you can't use slashes. You must use PHP syntax (with some python-like exceptions) that php: modifier requires.

If item is an array, then this should work:

tal:content="structure php:nl2br(htmlspecialchars(item['poznamka']))"

structure keyword is needed to have <br/> interpreted as HTML, rather than displayed to the user as text. Assuming item['poznamka'] is just plain text, then htmlspecialchars() is needed to convert < and & characters to HTML-safe equivalents.

regards, Kornel

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