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How to modify default namespace
to have shorter notatnion of:
<tal:block i18n:translate="">my string</tal:block>
(assuming I do not use i18n:translate="var")

for example as:
<tal:lang>my string</tal:lang>

There's nothing within TAL syntax that can do it. You could extend PHPTAL to create <tal:lang> tag, but the easiest solution might be to write a prefilter:

class EzI18n extends PHPTAL_Filter
  function filter($src)
return preg_replace('!<my:lang>(.*?)</my:lang>!s','<tal:block i18n:translate="">\1</tal:block>',$src);

$phptal->setPreFilter(new EzI18n());

(regular expressions used for XML aren't very elegant - you could use DOM+XSLT instead)

regards, Kornel

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