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I think that CDATA is special enough as to have its own handler, I mean that it should be equivalent to 'structure'. Since TAL should output XML valid
documents, having a way to specify a CDATA section seems logical.
ie: <script tal:content="cdata myJsCode"></script>
    <pre tal:content="cdata myExampleCode"></pre>

Trick with CDATA is really needed only in <script>. It wont't work in most elements (including <pre>) in text/html mode, so I think it's not worth to make it a global attribute (when someone uses real XML, they shouldn't be micromanaging CDATA).

What I'm not sure of is how would it escape the cdata mark for 'script'
contents. Should it assume // is a common enough to use it as default,
should /* */ be used so it's ok also for CSS?

I'd use /**/ in JS, because it is safer (e.g. won't break if someone has postprocessing filter that removes line breaks).

For CSS it isn't needed as much, becase "<" and "&" aren't used in CSS syntax (except strings in generated content, which are rare).

regards, Kornel

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