On 14-10-2008 at 12:01:27 Guillaume Lecanu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

When there is an error into my code, the error reported by PHPTAL is not
really precise.
I'm searching a way to tell me which line in my original template file
the error is found.

What error are you getting?

I have tried to put phptal:debug in some of XHTML tags but I don't see
any differences.

There is a solution for that ?

Put phptal:debug on <html> element (or the outermost element in your template).

If you have syntax error in php: expression, then unfortunately PHPTAL won't be able to tell you original line number - you'll have to open file reported by PHP (/tmp/tpl_123...php) and try to make sense of it.

regards, Kornel

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