On 16-11-2008 at 13:01:31 Maciej Łebkowski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I am doing some content negotiation in my application. In particular,
i`m settign LastModified, ETag, etc headers, and checking if content
is modified (and returning 304 response if its not).

Now I have:
$LastModified = isset($data['LastModified']) ? $data['LastModified'] : null;

But I didn`t take into account any template changes. Is there
a way to get the maximun filemtime() of all used templates?

There's no method for it, but it's easy to add it. In PHPTAL class add:

function getLastModifiedTime()
  return $this->_source->getLastModifiedTime();

This will give time of main template. If you want time for all templates, you'll need to change executeMacro() or setConfigurationFrom() methods.

regards, Kornel

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