I'm wondering how to solve this, cause I have no idea.

I'm having the php pull an array of images from the DB. Then I'm iterating
through them with PHPTAL and writing them out in a table.
Problem is this:

<table tal:condition="showImages" cellspacing="5px">


                    <td tal:repeat="image images">
                        <a href="view.php?image=${image/image_id}"><img
src="${path}/${image/image_name}" border="0" /></a>



As you see, if there are 50 images in DB, it will echo out 50 images on 1
row. If I instead place the repeat in the tr tag, it will echo out 1 image /
row, on 50 rows. How could I make it write out a </tr><tr> after say.. 6
images? So I get 6 images per row?? Is this even possible? Cause I have no
idea how to solve this.

Thanks in advance!

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