Is there any guide step by step guide to integrate PHPTAL with Zend

There's no official guide, as I'm not user of Zend Framework (I'd love if 
someone contributed such guide!)

I have done it extending Zend_View,
but this way I do not have access to Zend Helpers.

From a quick glance at the documentation it seems that all you need is to 
access to $this variable from template.

This can be easily done:

$phptal->this = $this;

and then in PHPTAL template:

${structure php:this.formCheckbox('foo')}

You could probably make it even nicer by writing your own expression modifiers:

(e.g. ${structure checkbox:foo} is possible)

What about using PHPTAL cache instead Zend_Cache

PHPTAL's cache of compiled templates works fine on disk (it's best for opcode 
caches), so I don't see any benefit of using Zend_Cache there.

It would be useful for phptal:cache though. Currently to do that you'd need to 
edit PHPTAL/Php/Attribute/PHPTAL/Cache.php file (making it easier is on my TODO 

and PHPTAL i18n instead Zend translation engine?

This can be done easily - implement PHPTAL_TranslationService interface by 
wrapping or extending Zend's class and pass it to PHPTAL::setTranslator();

regards, Kornel

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