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Sorry to dig up an old thread guys, I've been attempting to use Kornel's
code below but am getting an exception when there is not a third dimension
array, for example:

<ul metal:define-macro="recursivelist" tal:condition="menu">
    <li tal:repeat="l menu">${l/Title}
    <tal:block tal:condition="l/Pages" tal:define="list l/Pages"
metal:use-macro="recursivelist" />

Your macro uses menu variable for each level:
<li tal:repeat="l menu">

but you never change it:
tal:define="list l/Pages"

<tal:block metal:use-macro="recursivelist"/>


$this->view->menu = array('Title'=>'Section 1', 'Pages'=>array(


array('Title' =>'test2')


Throws: 'PHPTAL_Exception' with message 'Unable to find part "Pages" in path
"Pages" with base "Section 1"'

Am I missing something obvious?

tal:repeat="l menu" goes through elements of menu array, so variable l will 
have content of menu['Title'].

You've probably ment:

$this->view->menu = array(array('Title'=>...

regards, Kornel

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