Much as I am impressed with PHPTAL and that's not about the change, I am
frustrated with a lot of things that, to my mind, should just work, but...
just don't!

For example...

<div id="content" class="class" tal:attributes="class php:(vanilla.nesting
== 'yui-gc' OR vanilla.nesting == 'yui-ge') ? 'yui-u first' : 'yui-u'">

This is a simple if then else PHP condition, within a TAL attribute. It
doesn't work. It takes the "false fork" no matter what. I don't know why.

I have tried replacing the OR with || (pipes) but that's not working. I've
tried different bracket combinations, but that also doesn't work. Do I need
to avoid anything more than a simple PHP function call in these situations??

Please advise!! And a happy and prosperous NY to all :)



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