Hi all,

I'm using the PHPTAL into my framework and its a great job. Tks for it...
I have 2 questions.

1. ArrayObject - http://php.net/array_object

The PHPTAL have a problem with ArrayObject. When i try to set a template var with instance of ArrayObject and use tal:repeat, this cause a infinite loop.

If the ArrayObject have only one element, this each one time and trigger a error. If have more than one element, this cause infinite loop.

I have tested in PHP 5.2.6 and PHP 5.3 Alpha 3; All have the same problem.

2. Split - http://php.net/split

Into PHP 5.3, the split function trigger a deprecated exception.
I solved it replacing split with explode function into Context.php (line 235)

G. Sobrinho

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