I have had such a great time working on this new WordPress theme of mine,
since Christmas. I got a bit over a week, largely to myself, and I think
I've done pretty well with PHPTAL for a total noob, but I would dearly
appreciate your wise input.

This is the ZIP file containing my WordPress theme. If you know about
WordPress and are able to, I'd love you to get it up and running, but I
suspect many of you will be fine just looking at the code itself.

I'd appreciate any feedback on how I can do what I've done... better.

The "trick" with WordPress was to kind of "mix" templated and non-templated
content. I can't ask WordPress plugin developers to do it the TAL way, so
instead I allow "both ways", essentially.

WordPress people who understand what I've done will be excited at the
possibilities. I'm sure of that.

I've already spoken to one internal guy at Automattic - the company behind
WordPress - and he personally would love to see a templating engine in
WordPress and understands the need for it.

Were this to ever be taken up by WordPress, I can only imagine the immediate
and massive take-up of PHPTAL that we'd see! And that would be awesome :)

Anyway, the README file in the ZIP should give you the basics, and I'm
interested in any/all feedback you can offer.

And perhaps needless to say, but if anyone here wants to join the Vanilla
developer community (and it's just at its genesis), then I'd be delighted to
have one or two PHPTAL gurus there.

Finally, my plan is to write a lot of low level API code to more cleanly and
deeply interact with WordPress, since WordPress lacks a proper MVC
structure, and it's pretty ugly getting to the data I want. That is not
really my skill set so I'm looking for help from a PHP guru with deep
WordPress experience to work with me on that.



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