I recently started using PHPTAL and it has proven very useful. However, I am
having some trouble with the custom modifiers. I would like to use the following
or something similar:

<tr tal:repeat="item list" tal:attributes="class alt:repeat/item/odd | nothing">
  ... HTML Code ...

The intent is to make every other row have a class="alt".

This is my code for the modifier:

function phptal_tales_alt( $src, $nothrow )
    $src = trim($src); 
    return '( '.phptal_tales($src, $nothrow)." ? 'alt' : null )";

The problem that I am having is that this modifier and the example modifier
given in the PHPTAL documentation do not work when used with multiple options (a
| b | c). The code returned by phptal_tales_alt() is "( Array ? 'alt' : null )".

I would like to know the simplest code to add class="alt" to every other row
without setting the other rows to class="", and/or how to code a modifier to
behave with multiple options.

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