On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 02:02:06PM -0200, Pete Loggie wrote:

> No, I don't get any error messages... All that happens is the external
> macro isn't displayed. It's such a basic issue, that I have no idea
> what the problem might be. I mean, if internal macros work fine, then
> that suggests that PHPTAL is half-working. But the external ones, they
> just ...  don't do anything :-S All rather frustrating.

then its more likely you macro does some tal:condition right at the
beginning and therefor simply does not get executed? do you use some
kind of tal:block="" syntax there?

you could try to call the macro with the file name prefixed but from the
current file. e.g:


<metal:macro metal:define-macro="test">
<h1>hello world</h1>
<metal:macro metal:use-macro="test.xhtml/test"/>


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