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Modifiers and optional attributes don't mix - I'm sure it's a bug (I seem to recall it working at some point, maybe about 2 years ago, but I'm probably wrong). Consider this:

<input tal:attributes="value myModifier:inputObject/getValue | nothing"/>

This is tricky, because:
a) all of the code after modifier is passed to function that handles it, 
because modifiers can have their own syntax, eg. string: doesn't interpret |, 
and php: makes it a binary operator.
b) function that generates modifier's code has to return single PHP expression, 
and handling of alternatives is best done with PHP statements (some function 
calls and if/else blocks are needed).

There's phptal_tale() function that implements alternatives using ternary 
operator. You can use it in your modifier to support expressions with 

It would be nice to allow expression modifiers to declare their syntax or 
participate in parsing of TALES expressions. I'm open to suggestions how to 
implement that.

As a sidenote: Modifier chains are not supported, right?

They are supported, unless some modifier in the chain breaks it (modifiers have 
to pass subexpressions to phptal_tales()/phptal_tale() functions).

regards, Kornel

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