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In my template I have the following: tal:attributes="action
string:?admin_area=events&req=${formAction}" as a part a form tag. When the template gets rendered, I get the ampersand encoded. This isn't a problem as
the browsers interpret this fine, but I'd like to get a real ampersand
instead of the encoded version. Is there a way to do this?

Yes, there is (structure keyword), but that would make (X)HTML ill-formed.

URL like:
http://example.com?x=1&nbsp=1   ← not an entity, just a tricky name of a GET 

in (X)HTML source it must be written as:


It does *not* change the URL. &amp; is never sent back to the server. It just tells the 
browser that you've wanted the "&" character literally, and didn't want to start 
name of an entity.

regards, Kornel

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