> Sorry, manual fails to mention that you need to add 
> require_once 'PHPTAL/Filter.php'; 
> to your code. I'll make that unnecessary in next version of PHPTAL.
> regards, Kornel

Thanks, Kornel. 

Added that and PHP no longer dies. But I still can't get the Prefilter to
change the output even if I totally replace the source using:

require_once 'PHPTAL.php';
require_once 'PHPTAL/Filter.php';
class MyPreFilter implements PHPTAL_Filter {
  public function filter($source){
    return "<html><body>filtered content</body</html>";

$tpl = new PHPTAL('mytemplate.html');
$tpl->setPreFilter(new MyPreFilter());
echo $tpl->execute();

It would really help if I can see a sample that's known to work.

Thanks, Chris

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