Kornel Lesiński <kor...@...> writes:

> I'm not sure what you mean by static content here.
> If you wanted to add sidebar, then you could add:
> <div metal:define-slot="sidebar">Default sidebar content</div>
> to skeleton, and add 
> <div metal:fill-slot="sidebar">Special sidebar</div>
> to page templates that wish to override it.

I probably haven't made that too clear before, but a page wouldn't be composed
out of one page template - which contains the main content and information about
what is shown e.g. in the sidebar - and the skeleton.

A URI is associated with an application or a static page, but there's no fix
association between an available application and the contents of the
sidebar/header etc.

A request will be processed as follows:
- Find out which application was requested
- Find out which »content boxes« have been configured to be shown where
alongside with the requested application / static page
- Put the page together

And since the skeleton should be exchangeable, you can't assume something like a
sidebar even exists. The site admin chooses a skeleton and then configures what
should be shown where on which page.

I hope you understand the problem better now.


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