Well, while designing my framework, I wanted it to be able to change
designs pretty easily, but also allow fast transition from design to
production.  So what I ended up doing is using a prefilter to change the
html to point where my images were for that design, so the only hard
line you have to set for your designers is he has to put all of his
images into the images directory, he can make the directory structure
however he wants from there.

So you have a "images/menu-bar/home.png" my framework's prefilter
changes that to "layouts/101/images/menu-bar/home.png"

my framework supports different templates so the 101 stands for that.

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Daniel Lima wrote:
> Hi,
> Yeah, that is ok! But, if my webdesigner uses a wysiwyg editor (e.g
> Dreamweaver), he won't can see the template like it´s realy because
> stylesheets path´s are relative.
> On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 2:30 PM, Kornel Lesinski
> <kor...@aardvarkmedia.co.uk <mailto:kor...@aardvarkmedia.co.uk>> wrote:
>     Not at all. It's best to put PHPTAL templates outside document
>     root (where they are inaccessible to browsers). Paths given to
>     PHPTAL class are relative to script's current directory, e.g. given:
>     private/tpl/template.xml
>     public/index.php
>     public/css/style.css
>     script in public/index.php will need to use
>     PHPTAL("../private/tpl/template.xml"), and template may use
>     href="css/style.css" to refer to stylesheets (CSS/JS paths in
>     templates are relative to page URL that browser sees).
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