Hi All,

I just upgraded from PHPTAL 1.1.12 to 1.1.16, and a macro that I have been
using suddenly stopped running with an exception: ParserException with
message 'Finished document in unexpected state: root node is not finished'

The macro is as follows:
<ul metal:define-macro="sitemaprecursive" tal:condition="sitemap">    <li
tal:repeat="l sitemap">        <a href="#" tal:attributes="href
l/Link">${l/Title}</a>        <tal:block tal:condition="l/Pages"
tal:define="sitemap l/Pages" metal:use-macro="sitemaprecursive" />    </li>
</ul> <tal:block metal:use-macro="sitemaprecursive" />

A very similar macro using the exact same models works fine on the same
site, but for some reason this one doesn¹t want to play ball, it was working
fine until I upgraded to the latest stable, and works if I revert back, does
anyone have any ideas?

Working macro is:

<ul metal:define-macro="recursivelist" tal:condition="menu">    <li
tal:repeat="l menu"><a href="#" tal:attributes="href l/Link">${l/Title}</a>
<tal:block tal:condition="l/Pages" tal:define="menu l/Pages"
metal:use-macro="recursivelist" /></li> </ul> <tal:block
metal:use-macro="recursivelist" />

Thanks in advance.

Nick Pack
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