Hello all,

I'm searching/experimenting since hours, but I finally end up with nothing.

I'm trying to use tal:repeat-Variables inside a php:-Condition, but
everytime I do so, I got an error, that the variable is not defined.

Here's my PHP-Array:
$storeBoxes = array(
array('nr'=>3, 'name'=>'foo')

And my phptal:
    <ul class="storeBoxes">
        <li tal:repeat="box storeBoxes" class="storeBox">
            <strong tal:condition="php:${box/nr} > 5"
tal:content="string:${box/name} ${repeat/box/number}">
             gewählte Box #

But all I get is, that nr is not defined (i tried to output it with
tal:content and it worked...

Can anyone help?


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