I support everything Werner said in his elaborated reply.

I think using 1em for font-size is correct as it uses the browser's
default value. If it's too much for somebody, he can reduce the
default value. But the default is there for a reason, and it's nice
for a web designer to respect users' wishes (I assume users are aware
that they can express their wishes by setting default values, and it's
not too much to assume among web designers :) )

The top bar and the menu bar could (and should) be reduced by about
50% to leave more space for the useful content.

I like the colors, overall. It's impossible to please everybody. What
can appear a happy color for one, may hurt someone else's eyes. For
example, I like blue color, but a lot of it makes my friend's eyes

> Is anyone going to be offended if website won't look pretty in IE older than 
> 8?

Considering the audience, I think it's OK to target only recent versions.


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