On 01.06.2009, at 14:09, admirau wrote:

Starting from the top:
* Kerning in PHPTAL logo could be improved

What's wrong with it? Improved how? I thought that's browsers' job.

* Upper right gray area is unused == takes important place

I plan to put search box there.

But the main issue visible then is: too small line height.
Consolas is pretty in plain text, but for code it needs a lot of whitespace
to be pretty and readable.)

I've increased line height.

* On Firefox 3.5, when hovering the menu, horizontal scrollbar is moving

Could not reproduce.

* Syntax coloring looks better on dark background

No it doesn't ;P

* Link to validator shows errors

DTD sucks and doesn't support XML namespaces. I'll probably switch to HTML5 output at some point.

And one more feature request:
* PDF version of the manual would be nice.

I've tried that, but couldn't get xmlto to work. Help?

regards, Kornel

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