On 13 Jul 2009, at 01:05, Wallace McGee wrote:

1) The xml parser stops completely if it finds a doubly defined attribute like class="" and style="". Previously it would use just the last one defined.

That is intended (XML requires it) and will not change. You have to fix syntax of your templates.

2) The error reporting is great in that it tells me the source file the exact tag and the exact attribute it didn't like, however:

The srcLine of such errors is off. Look down about 8 lines and you will find it.

AFAIK this has been fixed. Can you provide example that is still off?

3) This strange line in the legacy code I inherited tries to define values and display them:
<span tal:condition="php:col_name=='Office'"
tal:define="resp_office offices/${one_row/RESPONSIBLE_OFFICE} | false; resp_person loggedByList/${one_row/RESPONSIBLE_PERSON}/ nameclipped | false">${resp_office} ${resp_person}</span>

Previously this gives a result like 'Houston Bob Smith' but now gives 'Houston 0 Bob Smith 0'

This is intended. You need to change template to use "| nothing".

regards, Kornel

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