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Hi guys..

A couple of you mentioned peppering my code with echos, or installing XDebug to debug why some phptal 1.2.0 templates appear to go into an infinite loop, where as the same template using 1.1.7 does not.

Seems to me like I need to put the echo statements in the phptal code (anyone suggest where!?!) to find out which bit is looping..

With XDebug you might get stack trace of code that was running when PHP timed out, OR you could use remote debugger with PHP, stop it and check the backtrace.

..Or put <?php echo "some comment here"; exit; ?> in my template and slowly move it down line by line until I find the tag that phptal 1.2.0 does not like.

<?php blocks are allowed in PHPTAL templates, so this may work.

Does this sound like the sensible way to debug this phptal 1.2.0 looping issue?


I was hoping to see the temp file php is generating as it goes but I could not find it on my hard drive.. so it might just be in memory at that point in time.

It is saved to disk (I've experimented with memory-only templates before releasing 1.2, but I scrapped this idea exactly because I wanted to always have file to investigate in case of problems).

echo $phptal->getCodePath();

regards, Kornel

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