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I don't know how to use i18n. I made a template, made two .mo files,
and I don't know how to set language. I have two versions: 'pl_PL' and
'en_GB', and pl_PL are always used. I don't know how to change
language to en_GB. I was trying some combinations on setLanguage() and
sometimes I got Exception (not supported language) and for some
combinations it is OK, but it is not translated. For example I can set
en-GB, en, english or eng, but I still have polish version. I can set
'polish' or nothing at all, but I can't set pl-PL.

I think I just don't get it :/ And Google don't want to help me :\

PHPTAL's default i18n system is just a thin wrapper for gettext(), so you can search for gettext-related help.

Most common gotcha is that Apache with mod_php has to be restarted every time you change .mo files (there are no problems with other servers or FastCGI).

regards, Kornel

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