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Sometimes I just scratch my head...! And I recall a line from Danny Glover's
character in "Lethal Weapon":
"I'm too old for dis shit!"

That said, I'll keep trying to convert a WordPress theme into "elegant"

Here's what I am up against, in my efforts to keep i18n stuff in the

<h3><?php comment_form_title( __('Post a Comment', 'thematic'), __('Post a
Reply to %s', 'thematic') ); ?></h3>

Any thoughts on this? This is where i18n plays a part in setting up
variables for a function call! Obviously the %s is retained in the
translation key, and I am assume there is a TAL equivalent?!

In TAL comment_form_title would have been a macro, 'thematic' would be i18n:domain and 'Post a Comment' would be content of element with i18n:translate="" attribute.

It could work if you can replace entire comment_form_title with a macro and wrap __() function in a PHPTAL_TranslationService class.

Otherwise I'd leave it as is, because it won't map to TAL well and forced "talization" would only make it worse.

regards, Kornel

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