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I'm using a <tal:block fill-slot="script"> to fill my macro template with
javascript code. However, all < are converted to $lt;, which (seems
to) cause an error in a for loop

for (i=0; i < myarray.lenght; i++) {

is converted to

for (i=0; i &lt; myarray.lenght; i++) {

and I get an error at that line.

Apparently you're using text/html mode. Do you use HTML 5 output mode or XHTML?

XHTML requires < to be escaped as &lt; (otherwise it would be ill-formed start of a tag).

HTML requires the opposite - it has hardcoded rule that <script> content is CDATA where entities aren't interpreted.

Any way to enforce phptal to put the content from the <tal:block> to
be passed as text ?

Strictly speaking it is passed as text, and text in markup has to be escaped.

Try wrapping script in fill-slot in /*<![CDATA[*/ … /*]]>*/. That is a workaround for XHTML served as HTML.

regards, Kornel

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