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The API looks ok to me, just one thing, since it's not a runtime operation (in the sense that a php file is generated for the template), I think it'll be great if it used something along the lines of Zend_Loader_PluginLoader.

Which basically when setup with paths and class prefixes is able to find
"plugins" in several folders. This would allow to have a set of default
filters in PHPTAL distribution but override them and create new ones easily just by placing the class files in a directory, not needing to register them manually at runtime, which once the template is compiled, is of no use.

So -- phptal:filter="remove_whitespace" -- would automatically try to
include and instantiate a class for that filter.

While -- PHPTAL->addPreFilter("remove_whitespace") -- would just store the name for when compiling the template and instantiate the class then.

That's great idea.

Do you think I could get away with reliance on autoload or include_path, instead of implementing PluginLoader?

(e.g. if (!class_exists($name."PreFilter")) include $name."PreFilter.php";)

Regarding the tutorials, creating documentation is always hard, specially
for OSS projects, perhaps we could use a simple wiki to collect information (there is quite a bit of information scattered around, mainly from Zope's
By the way, DokuWiki is a great wiki for this kind of tasks.

Ok, I'll install it.

regards, Kornel

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