Using only the autoloader/include_path might be a little limiting in my
opinion. It would make it harder to replace a "standard" filter class for

Besides, implementing a simplified "plugin loader" wouldn't be that
difficult and it would allow to use it in other parts of PHPTal in the
future, for example, to override the default implementation of standard
namespaces, tales modifiers ...

It will also be nice, for me at lease, is that the plugin loader uses a
subset of Zend_Loader_PluginLoader api, so that users of ZF can inject the
zend loader version in PHPTAL.

I'll come up with a working prototype of the loader, so you can use it if
you see fit.


2009/9/16 Kornel Lesiński <>

> On 16-09-2009 at 10:20:59 Iván -DrSlump- Montes <>
> wrote:
>  The API looks ok to me, just one thing, since it's not a runtime operation
>> (in the sense that a php file is generated for the template),  I think it'll
>> be great if it used something along the lines of Zend_Loader_PluginLoader.
>> Which basically when setup with paths and class prefixes is able to find
>> "plugins" in several folders. This would allow to have a set of default
>> filters in PHPTAL distribution but override them and create new ones
>> easily just by placing the class files in a directory, not needing to
>> register them manually at runtime, which once the template is compiled, is
>> of no use.
>> So -- phptal:filter="remove_whitespace" -- would automatically try to
>> include and instantiate a class for that filter.
>> While -- PHPTAL->addPreFilter("remove_whitespace") -- would just store the
>> name for when compiling the template and instantiate the class then.
> That's great idea.
> Do you think I could get away with reliance on autoload or include_path,
> instead of implementing PluginLoader?
> (e.g. if (!class_exists($name."PreFilter")) include $name."PreFilter.php";)
>  Regarding the tutorials, creating documentation is always hard, specially
>> for OSS projects, perhaps we could use a simple wiki to collect
>> information (there is quite a bit of information scattered around, mainly
>> from Zope's
>> implemenation).
>> By the way, DokuWiki is a great wiki for this kind of tasks.
> Ok, I'll install it.
> --
> regards, Kornel
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