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I'm doing a

<div tal:repeat="item items">

Previous id: ???
Current id: ${item/id}
Next id: ???


Is there any way to add a callback function that will be called on
each repeat, so I could easily put the next and previous id ?

I could loop through the array in PHP, before assigning to PHPTal
object, and set them. But that would mean looping through the array
twice (once before, once for output)...

If array is numerically indexed, then this will work:

tal:define="prev items/${php:repeat.item.index - 1}/id | nothing; next items/${php:repeat.item.index + 1}/id | nothing"

RepeatController reads one item ahead and could store previous item, so if you're willing to change PHPTAL's code, it's possible to easily add something like repeat.item.next/repeat.item.prev.

regards, Kornel

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