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In these circumstances, using AJAX to retrieve only part of the page
is harder. Do you have any feedback on that? For maintenance and
support, I really really like to keep my templates grouped with the
script. I know I could create a "register_form.tpl",
"register_succeed.tpl", "register_failed.tpl" etc but this quickly
becomes a cumbersome operation to open/close all those docs, let alone
if you have a PHP script that runs through multiple, consequetive

One approach is to make interesting parts available as macros:

<tal:block metal:define-macro="foo">…</tal:block>
<tal:block metal:use-macro="foo"/>

With this pattern you continue to execute whole templates as before, but you can also access the macro from another file (e.g. have PHP call register_ajax.tpl that calls only macros you want).

If you always want to AJAX entire body of the page, then change:

<tal:block metal:use-macro="general.tpl/${templatename}">

and set templatename to either 'globalpage' or other minimal template for AJAX response.

Or you can show/hide parts of the page depending on variable:

<body tal:omit-tag="ajax">
  <div id="sidebar" tal:condition="not:ajax"/>

regards, Kornel

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