On 23-09-2009 at 08:17:33 Marco Pivetta <ocram...@gmail.com> wrote:

hmmm... Never used phptal:cache that much... But I have an idea.
What about something like:
<definer tal:omit-tag="" tal:define="cachekey string:${mylang}::${myurl}">

BTW: you can use <tal:block> instead of tal:omit-tag="".

 <mycacheditem phptal:cache="1d per cachekey"/>

Yes, you'll have to do that. I haven't implemented double "per".

Any ideas for more generic phptal:cache syntax?

I'd like to add cache plugins in the future, and they'll probably need custom arguments.

How about phptal:cache="1h; per key; per something; another argument; etc etc"?


regards, Kornel

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