Hi guys,

I have been slowing working at this gargantuan task and making a little progress.

I have found the point at which phptal 1.2.0 goes into an infinite loop chewing up 100% CPU (apache process) and its when I try to use a macro eg:

 <tal:block metal:use-macro="xhtml/support_header.xhtml/form" />

I notice that the support_header.xhml file is not templated so I cant see what its thinking there.

Just above this I use another macro and thats quite happy:

<tal:block metal:use-macro="xhtml/leftHandMenu.xhtml/menu" />

So there is no apparent problem with relative references or my formatting of the tag, just something within called xhtml that is broken and causing phptal 1.2.0 to go into an infinite loop.

I tried pasting in the contents of that called xhtml (300+lines) but it does the same thing.. infinite loop and errors anywhere.

Im going to have a break from this but if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions beyond just cutting bits of code out until it works.. then that is what I will do tomorrow.


PS I found the 2 common things I have to fix so far are:
1) use | nothing instead of | false to avoid getting zeros whore where we used to have blanks 2) deleting duplicate attributes eg: <span title="this" title="that" >something</span> 3) adding a space between all attributes eg: <span title="this"id="mything">bingo</span> (these were hard to see as my syntax highlighting editor obscures the white spaces or lack there-of)

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