On 09-10-2009 at 02:17:45 Wallace McGee <wall...@petrosys.com.au> wrote:

After an exhaustive process I have discovered that this little mangled attribute was causing the infinite loop:

<tal:block tal:condition="auth/authenticated" on error="">

It should be:
<tal:block tal:condition="auth/authenticated"  tal:on-error="">

But I have no diead why the on-error was placed there so Im just going with:
<tal:block tal:condition="auth/authenticated" >

Now this resolves one infinite loop I have found.. but not another so the hunt continues...

I've tested how PHPTAL behaves when external macro throws errors, and I couldn't reproduce the problem.

Do you have your own exception handler? (e.g. a page that would try to display error page using PHPTAL?)

PS another change I had to change was C-style remarks within html
remarks eg:
// this is a remark
/* this is also a remark
    with more here
// -->

had to be changed to:

// this is a remark
// this is also a remark
// with more here
// -->

That is very strange and shouldn't be needed. Where did you have it? What error did it cause?

regards, Kornel

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