On 27-10-2009 at 12:34:42 Iván Montes <drsl...@pollinimini.net> wrote:

I vote for not changing the behavior but I would like, for next major
version of PHPTAL, to break BC for escaping and remove the escaping of
the dollar symbol:

${variable} -> variable
$${variable} -> $variable

Since TAL is heavily based on HTML/XML semantics I guess it makes more
sense to escape using unicode point codes (&#36; for $) or custom

Unfortunately in XML it shouldn't matter whether you use literal $ or &#36; (the difference is completely lost if you use W3C DOM for example). Theoretically PHPTAL should support &#x24;&#x7b;var&#x7d; as well as ${var} :/

Custom entities require custom DOCTYPE/DTD, and that's just a can of worms.

This would remove the need for backtracking when parsing
interpolatable texts and remove possible ambiguities like the one
described in the original mail.

It can be unambiguous. It just has to be clearly defined and implemented in one way or another :)

regards, Kornel

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