thanks,  that fixed the problem.

i was attempting to tweak PHPTAL code and i was wrong, is just as simple as put an ob_start() at the begining of try bracket and a ob_end_flush() at the begining of the catch exception.


Iván Montes wrote:
Check PHP's ob_* functions, they allow to capture what is being send to the browser allowing to either get back the result, echoing it all together or discarding it.


On 10/28/09 11:53 PM, Nestor A. Diaz wrote:
Hello, i want to know if there is any possibility to disable the output of the rendering template when an exception occurs, right now processing stop if there is any exception but the page is shown until the error was made, i use the execute method, not the echoExecute, which is supposed not to output the document.

I need to create a webpage that is going to be send by email, not to display on the web browser, if the templates throws an exception i can catch it, but i don't want it to be displayed truncated on the web browser, is there any way to disable this behavior ?


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