On 11 Nov 2009, at 02:22, Andrew wrote:

Hello i've got a question and suggestion...

I am using CodeIgniter framework with PHPTAL and it works great, but there is little problem with caching. I cant get a nice preformance boost because i
can't figure out how to check if template region was cached or not.

If there was some function like $this->phptal->is_cached($id); i could check for example if news section is cached and if so i don't have to load database
class, and news model wich takes some time to load.

I hope you understand what i am trying to say.

Is there a way to work this out without hacking PHPTAL classes? With triggers maybe, but i dont want to write a trigger for every template cached section.

Dont need the code just an advice maybe :)

There's no way to do that.

I can't imagine clean and simple interface for this (obvious solutions break down if you have multiple cached fragments or use macros with external templates or non-trivial "per" expressions). It's also shady busines in MVC model when controller is querying views.

However, there's a very good way to use caching effectively without querying templates.

Instead of loading classes upfront, pass a proxy object to the template, that loads data on demand.

Rather than loading data immediately:

$phptal->var = new ExpensiveData();

make it loaded lazily:

$phptal->varproxy = new Proxy();

class Proxy
        function getExpensiveData() {
                return new ExpensiveData();

and when you use varproxy/getExpensiveData it will be loaded on demand.

regards, Kornel

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