2009/10/28 Kornel Lesiński <kor...@aardvarkmedia.co.uk>

> On 28.10.2009, at 17:28, romtek wrote:
>> In earlier version I was able to add one or more characters to an
>> attribute of an HTML element to save it for potentional future use during
>> development. E.g., <a _tal:content="">xyz</a>, but this fails now with
>> PHPTAL 1.2.1 with the error of "There is no namespace declared for prefix of
>> attribute _tal:content of element < a >". In my opinion, PHPTAL shouldn't
>> throw an exception when it encounters an attribute that it doesn't
>> recognize. It should ignore it. A convinient ability is now gone.
> From XML point of view that's a feature and XML _requires_ that parsers
> signal a fatal error when this happens.
> You could silence the error by adding:
> <tal:block xmlns:_tal="whatever">
> at the beginning of the document (or on the <html> tag).
> You could also change tal:content to tal:comment.

I keep having a problem with this. I now need to have a "Facebook fanbox".
The code I need to insert contains <fb:fan...></fb:fan>. I've added
<tal:block xmlns:fb="whatever"/> in the beginning of the document and have
also tried defining it in the html element like this: <html
xmlns:fb="whatever">, but I keep getting 'PHPTAL_ParserException' with
message 'There is no namespace declared for prefix of element < fb:fan >'
What I am doing wrong?

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