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I know it's not an elegant solution, but it's a solution and I already use it: what about tal:define? It is already possible to fix those tales problems wrapping content within a tal:omit-tag-ed "definer element" or directly a tal:define block.

I don't understand how does it help.

If you have "selected_id" variable and want to select <option> with that ID, how would you do it with tal:define? without help of php: modifier?

even/odd classes can be done with pure TALES and tal:omit-tag, but it's ugly:

<tr class="even" tal:omit-tag="repeat/row/odd">
<tr class="odd" tal:omit-tag="repeat/row/even">

I'm probably loosing the point of the discussion, but I don't really see any reason to make the syntax more complex and also a bit heavyer to compute for the parser...

This would be heavier only once during template compilation, so performance is not a problem.

regards, Kornel

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